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Local Ugly Tangerines have arrived at Carlsbad Ranch Market

Temecula’s Sweet yet Ugly Tangerine and Why It Is So Special

Carlsbad Ranch Market is among the very few markets that carry the “Ugly Tangerine”. We feel blessed to be able to offer our customers this sublimely sweet and special citrus.

The elusive “Ugly Tangerine” just arrived at Carlsbad Ranch Market. They might be called ugly but their taste can be described as stunningly gorgeous. Their skin is bumpy and loose. They are easy to peel and are seedless. The tangerines often have rough patches where the branches grew against the maturing fruit. But beneath that wrinkly skin lies a succulent citrus fruit with a flavor and juice so sweet it is like honey.

They are usually in-season between February and April but it varies according to weather. Ripe tangerines have some weight to them because that relates to their water content and means they are juicy and not dry. Another thing to look for is their “conehead”. The more prominent the “conehead” effect at the top, the juicier and better they’ll be. This effect is caused by heavy fruit warping the skin as it hangs on the tree.

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